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ELOAM document scanner S1520A3AF, 15MEGA PIXELS, A3 SIZE FOR BANKING
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    Product Feature
    Dual camera, AF auto focus
    The main camera is 15.0 Mega Pixels and AF auto focus, scan up to A3 size. The vice camera is 2.0 Mega Pixels and adopts wide angle lens, which can be rotated 360 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees vertical, adjust the camera angle freely, without dead angle.
    auto focus A3 size

    scanner S620A3AF

    document scanner S620A3
    Button control LED light, Three grades adjustable brightness
    Built-in 5 supplement LED lights, broader and more uniform lighting, clearer image.

    document scanner with patPresentation pad make files positioning more accurate
    Equipped with high precision hard document mat, Main body bracket can be fine-tuning location in order to realize accurate positioning, Convenient to placed the document and make sure pictures are neat. Can fully shooting different A6 B6, A5,  A4 size Id card, documents, account information,  etc. Good exposure focus and image quality.
    Support YUV, MJPG output format
    Innovative output camera design, support YUV, MJPG format and pictures smaller, but does not affect the quality.
    document scanner output format
    document camera S620A3AF

    S1520A3AF 9
    Super power OCR recognition function
    Eloam document scanner possess the advanced OCR technology by which more than 180 languages, tables; bars, C++. Java and other special symbols can be recognized through automatically analyzing the sections. The recognition rate reaches up to 98%, supporting the mixed recognition of multi-language, character, and numbers with the same layouts results as original images. OCR documents can derive directly to word or excel format..
    document scanner SDK
    Provide powerful SDK development and system integration support
    The SDK package can provide in all kinds of development environment, Includes a variety of image capture, parameter setting and processing algorithm ( such as box, cutting edge, deviation,  etc.), for products seamless integration, Also can use in bank management system.

    Product Function
    S1520A3AF 11
    Fastest scanning
    One second to finish scanning with just one-clicking.
    All-Round scan
    Being able to scan documents, data, bills, certificates,
    books, 3D real objects etc.
    S1520A3AF 12
    S1520A3AF 13
    S1520A3AF 14Timing shooting, fast copying
    Automatically scan after setting the shooting interval
    time, dramatically time-saving for scanning larger
    volumes of files and documents.

    S1520A3AF 15
    S1520A3AF 16
    Video recording
    It can record the progess of any operation or demo for real time display applied in lab operation steps, product training
    and other demonstration.
    S1520A3AF 17
    Image edit processing
    The software owns strong image edit functions: image cutting, rotate, characters adding, adjust saturation,
    Contrast Ratio and binaryzation.
    S1520A3AF 18
    S1520A3AF 19
    The remarkable recognition technology
    Eloam owns a leading OCR technology. Recognize
    characters, tables, symbols; supported 180 languages
    and up to 98% of recognize rate, directly save as
    Word/ Excel/ TXT/ files after OCR.
    S1520A3AF 20
    PDF conversion
    Scanned Images could easily convert to PDF files which can
    be checked on different equipments.
    S1520A3AF 21
    S1520A3AF 22
    S1520A3AF 23
    S1520A3AF 24
    Print, fax, email, Office integration

    Images directly print by connecting to printer, send web fax and emails, achieve office all-in-one.
    S1520A3AF 25

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