Eloam wireless document scanner S510W core advantages


Eloam wireless document scanner S510W, launched by Shenzhen Eloam Technology, can complete 1 second scanning, HD demo, video display with 5.0 Mega Pixel and fixed focus mode. In addition, its working mode has both USB connection mode and WIFI working mode, WIFI multi-point connections support many people using at the same time.

Eloam wireless document scanner S510W core advantages and characteristics:

1, Innovative design, stable and generous appearance, small, foldable, lightweight, it's easy to carry

2, Built-in battery, you can move freely and get rid of the shackles of the power supply and USB

3, Under the WIFI mode it implements wireless transmission of images

4, High speed scanning, 5 million-pixel high-definition scan one second to complete

5, Fixed-focus mode, without adjusting, quick and easy to use

6, Notes, documents, data, and other all-around kind of three-dimensional physical scanning and video show

7, Intelligent LED fill light, meet the shooting needs in low light conditions  

8, Super OCR text recognition, can recognize more than 180 languages

9, Automatic, rapid, accurate, multi-standard bar codes, QR code recognition function

10, Portable visualizer and lesson preparation, editing functions, such as text editing, annotation, marquee, mirror, rotate, deskew, cropping, synthesis, 1: 1 printing

11, both scanners, copiers, projectors, in-kind shooting, video recording, video, communications and other functions

Eloam wireless document scanner S510W core advantages

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