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With the development of economy, technology of education has been developing rapidly. The campus network and other hardware devices in multimedia classrooms still need to be improved. Eloam visual presenter constantly breakthrough and innovation in the field of education and promote the construction of wisdom education after understood the needs of the target markets by its powerful technical advantages. Dedicate to the development of education and contribute to wisdom education, Eloam has developed and launched a new generation of portable visual presenter, wall- mounted visual presenter, USB+ VGA+ HDMI visual presenter, Android platform visual presenter, etc., to provide the latest solutions for education and build a new generation of innovative teaching.wisdom education

Eloam visual presenter adopts portable folding design, USB 2.0 power supply, low-carbon, and configured Eloam teaching software. It is a good helper that dedicate to improving the quality of teaching. It can provide an unique technology support for education with powerful functions like HD real object image display, Segmentation and recombination, screen synchronously, Electronic whiteboard, Image editing processing, HD video and audio recording, OCR recognition, PDF conversion, Students archives management, etc., In addition, the new product VM800AF based on Android platform supports WIFI and can access the internet uploading videos, pictures, files and so on directly to the cloud server to make teaching and learning more effective.

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