Eloam high speed portable document scanner succeed in education industry


Eloam not only  has been focused on education, but also concerned about the development trend of internet technology, communication technology and intelligent terminals. And a variety of advanced technology integrated into the design of educational products, which is a key for Eloam high speed portable document scanner to succeed in education industry.

Eloam high speed portable document scanner has the following features:

1. Eloam high speed portable document scanner successfully replaced traditional scanner and visual presenter. It provides efficient and energy-saving solutions to meet the different needs of industries.

2. Original ultra-portable folding design, small size, small footprint

3. 1 second HD scanning, LED supplement light, high resolution CMOS sensor, maximum up to 15 MP, meet the need of higher quality picture.

4. Wireless scanning without cable make it can transmit image data with computer, tablet PC, smart phone by WIFI.

5. High speed transmission USB 3.0

6. Provide powerful SDK development and system integration support, and scalable integrate the second generation ID card identification module.

7. Super OCR recognition function can recognized more than 180 languages, output three format,  including Word.

8. Multi- lens program make it possible to collect portraits and record the scene around when scanning or displaying video.

9. In order to get the best result of shooting, both auto focus and fixed focus are available.

15 MP document scanner

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