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  • S1000
  • S1000 fold
  • S1000 back
  • Capture Size A4/ A5
  • Resolution 3651×2738
  • Doc Format PDF/ WORD/ TXT
  • Video Format AVI / WMV
  • Sensor Element CMOS
  • Interface Type USB2.0
  • Light Source Natural+ LED Supplement light
  • Accessories Document scanner, CD-ROM, Presentation Pad, USB-cable, Users Manual
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Product Feature

10 Million Pixels, 1Second Scanning
Adopt high quality 10 Million Pixels HD CMOS, 1 second scanning, meet the demand of higher quality shooting.

Metal structure, retractable freely and steady

Made of high hardness metal material, built in lifting poker, be able to switch A4/A5 level freely, steady and gorgeous. Can optionally configure a hard document mat to place document , file, magazine, book, 3d object and so on.

Scan freely with 270 degree rotation
Scan mechanical spindle and camera head can
rotate 270 degree and capture a great many of real
objects, human faces with wider view.
Annular LED auxiliary illuminant, focus by hand, much clearer image
Built in 8 LED auxiliary lights, adopted with annular structure, illuminate wider range.

Supper powerful OCR recognition function
Eloam document scanner possess the advanced OCR technology by which more than 180 languages, tables; bars, C++. Java and other special symbols can be recognized through automatically analyzing the sections. The recognition rate reaches up to 98%, supporting the mixed recognition of multi-language, character, and numbers with the same layouts results as original images. OCR documents can export directly to Word, Excel or Txt format..

Product Function

Fastest scanning
One second to finish scanning with just one-clicking.
All-Round scan
Being able to scan documents, data, bills, certificates,
books, 3D real objects etc.

Timing shooting, fast copying
Automatically scan after setting the shooting interval
time, dramatically time-saving for scanning larger
volumes of files and documents.

Video recording
It can record the progess of any operation or demo for real time display applied in lab operation steps, product training
and other demonstration.

Image edit processing
The software owns strong image edit functions: image cutting, rotate, characters adding, adjust saturation,
Contrast Ratio and binaryzation.

The remarkable recognition technology
Eloam owns a leading OCR technology. Recognize
characters, tables, symbols; supported 180 languages
and up to 98% of recognize rate, directly save as
Word/ Excel/ TXT/ files after OCR.

PDF conversion
Scanned Images could easily convert to PDF files which can
be checked on different equipments.

Print, fax, email, Office integration

Images directly print by connecting to printer, send web fax and emails, achieve office all-in-one.

Brand Name




Image sensor

10 Million Pixels



Scan size




Image color

24 Bit


HD CMOS, No driver

LED light

Natural+ LED Supplement light

Document format


Image format


Video format





More than 180 kinds of languages

Limited Warranty

12 Months

System Requirements


Windows 2003, Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

Image Processing

Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Saturation, Gamma, Rotation, Mirroring, etc

Package Contents

Document scanner, CD-ROM, Presentation Pad, USB-cable, Users Manual



document scanner S1000document scanner document scanner

Low carbon office scanning solutions
High speed portable document scanner is well-suited for enterprises and personal scanning use

Fast scan: one second finish scanning

Portable: Folding designs and and ultra-light weight.
Multiple scanning size: A6/A5/A4/A3
HD resolution: 2 mega, 3 mega, 5 mega, 8 mega, 10 mega
Powerful software function: image processing, OCR, document management and etc.


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