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P500/ P600

visual presenter P500/ P600
visual presenter P500/ P600
  • visual presenter P500/ P600
  • P600-4
  • P600-2
  • P600-3
  • Capture Size A4
  • Resolution 5 Mega Pixel
  • Picture Format JPG / TIF / PDF / BMP / TGA / PCX / PNG / RAS
  • Doc Format PDF/ WORD/ TXT
  • Video Format AVI / WMV
  • Sensor Element HD CMOS
  • Interface Type USB2.0
  • Light Source Natural+ LED Supplement light
  • Accessories Visual presenter, CD-ROM, USB-cable, Users Manual
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Product Feature
Adopt MJPG output format, with higher compression ratio.visualizer P500/ P600

5 Mega Pixels video frame rate is as high as 10-15 FPS, VGA resolution (620 * 480) can reach more than 30 FPS, Video is more smooth and more clearly.
visualizer P500/ P600
5.0 Mega Pixels HD camera, clearer picture

Innovative output camera design, support YUV, MJPG format and pictures smaller, but does not affect the quality.
The appearance of ultra-thin design

Ultra-thin design make it easy to install and integrate with all-in-one electronic whiteboard

ultra thin visualizer P500/ P600
LED of visualizer P500/ P600
Buttom control LED light, adjustable brightness, meet the needs of weak light scanning environments

Product Function
Almighty shoot
Scan books,notes, homework, test paper, handwritten
teaching plan, experimental device etc.visualizer P500/ P600
HD image display
Can demonstrate the completely scanning image and
can also enlarge the partial image to maximum,
bringing more convenient for teaching.

visualizer P500/ P600
High-speed video demonstration
High- speed demonstrate real-time video, capture
image smoothly and display full-screen image, the
teacher can be more vivid to display various
experimental operation.

Image editing processing
Can zoom, rotate, adjust contrast and brightness, add painting brush, segment and recombine images, which makes more convenient for teachers to demonstrate lectures.

Electronic whiteboard
Multiple operations include add, copy, cut, paste of the images, text, linear, rectangular tables etc. It will replace the traditional blackboard to save your time and effort.

Move and drag
When the contents of presentation exceed the show window, you only need simply hold down the mouse to move and drag the image to anywhere.
One-click shift screen
Shift screen function makes it possible to promptly switch the software working interface to PPT, video player, desktop and etc.

visualizer P500/ P600
Segmentation and recombination
Teachers can segment and recombine images while
teaching, it will be more vivid and clearly.

Video and audio recording, screen recording synchronously
The camera and microphone equipped can synchronously achieve multimedia video-recording and screen-recording.

Can display 2 or 4pcs pictures on screen synchronously
Teachers can display 2 or 4pcs pictures on screen
synchronously and can rotate, zoom picture separately.
It will be more convenient for comparison teaching.

Eloam owns advanced OCR technology. Can recognize characters, tables, symbols; supported more than 180 kinds of languages,accuracy rate up to 98%, after OCR, directly save as word files.

PDF conversion
Images convert to pdf file under one-click, they can be checked on different equipments.visualizer P500/ P600 with PDF

visualizer P500/ P600 image composition
Images composition
Support captured images multimode composition, such as directly multiply, arbitrary combination etc. Can save as JPG, PDF, etc files.

visualizer P500/ P600 student archive

Students archives management
Scan students’ homework, test paper etc; build database for every student. Teachers can check, compare and analyse students’ study condition from database directly.

Brand Name:



P500/ P600


Foldable design


5.0 Mega pixels (2592*1944)

Focusing method

Fixed- Focus

Folded Size

(P500)40(W)* 360(H)mm
(P600) 40(W)* 230(H)mm

Expand Size

(P500) 230(L)*40(W)*360(H)mm



Image color

24 Bit




Natural+ LED supplement

Document format


Image format


Video format





More than 180 kinds of languages

Limited Warranty

12 Months

System Requirements


CPU P4, Windows XP, Windows 2003, MS Direct x9.0, Vista, Win7, Win8

Package Contents

Visual Presenter, CD-ROM, USB-cable, Users Manual, Warranty card



visual presenter P500/ P600
folded of visual presenter P500/ P600
camera of visual presenter P500/ P600
side of visual presenter P500/ P600

Eloam High speed portable document camera & visual presenter mainly used in three industries: Education Industries, Window industries , enterprises and personnel scanning use.

  • HD display textbooks or other 3D objects
  • Real-time video recording for lessons demonstration
  • Adding annotation on live images make lessons truly intuitive
  • Powerful and innovative visualizer software
application in education

Innovative educational equipment solutions
Document camera & visual presenter is widely used and well- suited in education industry
  • HD video display , high speed scanning
  • Portable : Folding and multi-dimensional designs, ultra-lightweight
  • Multiple scanning size: A6/ A5/ A4/ A3
  • Multi-interface: VGA/ HDMI / USB/ WIFI
  • Not only can be used independently, but also can work in combination with multimedia teaching equipment including platform,all-in-one device, electronic whiteboard and etc.
  • Can be used as a wall-mounted visual presenter


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